Team Sanford-Burnham

We've raised: $51,084.00
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31 Members
Team ID: 224
Team Captain: James Short
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Why We Ride

We are the scientists, staff, and supporters of the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, and we are thrilled to take part in the second annual Pedal the Cause event here in San Diego. Some of our very own will be attempting a feat of endurance and stamina to cycle from the ocean to the valley and back through San Diego County. It's a metaphorical act for a very real cause, and we need your help.

From research, the power to cureThis event celebrates the fighting spirit of current and past cancer patients and enables better treatments by promoting world-class science here in San Diego. Life is short, and we must celebrate the health and vitality that we have, and do all that we can to support and honor fellow riders who have paused along the road. Toward this end, we are training our minds and bodies to go the distance and promote the wellness that is within our control. At the same time, we are raising real support for the science needed for life-saving cancer therapies.

We ask you to help us in our journey. The tireless scientists need your support, and if you're motivated to grab a bike or volunteer for the event, you're welcome to join us as well. We'd be honored to have you on the team!


Our Members 13 riders, 18 volunteers

Our Donations

Date Donor Amount
10/06/2014 Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe $160.00
09/19/2014 Deborah Flores $20.00
09/18/2014 Garrick Bridges $15.00
09/18/2014 Thorn St Brewery $170.00
08/29/2014 Malin Burnham $25,000.00
08/27/2014 Ericka Eggleston $100.00
08/25/2014 Caniglia & Gerson $200.00
07/25/2014 Carol Cox $500.00
07/23/2014 Anonymous $5.00
07/16/2014 Larry Adelman $100.00