Cookie Randolph

I've raised: $775.00
I'm riding: 25 Miles
My Team: Team KFMB
My ID: 271
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Why I Ride

Aside from the pure adventure of it all, I'm riding because research provides the best hope to defeat this disease, a scourge we'd all like to see end as soon as possible. I will be dedicating my ride especially to my sister's life, which cancer stole in 2004, but a legacy given renewed value by this inspiration.

Please help me in this journey to find a cure by donating to my ride. I have committed to raise $750 for cancer research.

My Donations

Date Donor Amount
09/26/2014 Jules Hypenstein $180.00
09/19/2014 Anonymous $20.00
09/18/2014 Don R. $50.00
09/04/2014 Steve Streeter Memorial $500.00
07/21/2014 KFMB Stations [check pledged] $500.00
04/11/2014 DC $25.00