One More Rider Day

One More Rider Day is Wednesday, June 5, 2013!

Each rider has ONE SIMPLE GOAL:
Get one more person to register for Pedal the Cause!

If each of us achieves this goal, we will show that we are a powerful movement to stop cancer. On Wednesday, June 5,reach out to everyone you know and ask them to register and join you in San Diego's epic weekend cycling fundraiser.

What can YOU do to activate ONE MORE RIDER DAY?

  1. Download the One More Rider Day Facebook Banner and post it to your Facebook page (link below)
  2. Talk to friends, family and colleagues about signing up on June 5th
  3. Carry the provided Pedal the Cause materials with you through the day and hand them out to everyone you see.
  4. Send everyone links to your team page and have them click on the JOIN THIS TEAM button.

Why June 5?

June 5th is the last day to get discounted fundraising ($500 off minimum). The promotion ends at midnight.

Do I get anything if I get another rider to sign up?

Yes!! Post on our Facebook page a "Thank You" to a rider for signing up, and we will send you a high quality Pedal the Cause t-shirt!

Will Pedal the Cause send me any marketing materials?

Yes! All registered riders will receive a packet with a One More Rider Day flyer, business cards, and other materials to help you get that ONE MORE RIDER. You can also download those materials below. Look for your One More Rider Day packet by [DATE].

Download One More Rider Day Marketing Materials!

Facebook Timeline Banner
One More Rider Day Flyer
One More Rider Day Logo/ Facebook Profile Picture